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KINIT HER The Blooming World Tape

KINIT HER The Blooming World Tape
Ltd.Ed. 77

We have had much to say about Kinit Her over the years. Having released two CDs and two cassettes by the band already, and now here is our third Kinit Her cassette, we still haven’t run out of things to say. One common thread through all the words shed over this project is that each release is the most accomplished to date. One way or another Kinit Her consistently seem to outdo themselves, venturing further atop their mountain of triumphs and managing to pull yet another Excalibur out from the stone. This album is no different, and after 11 years of steady climbing, all our ears are rapt as we witness this next summit. With the start of The Blooming World, we are immediately treated with the familiar cadence of Troy Schafer‘s violin and a strange choir accompanies his melody. Among their voices are the magnificent Jessica Way (Barren Harvest, Worm Ouroborus) and Dani Schafer (Devotion) bringing touches of light and harmony to Nathaniel Ritter and Troy Schafer’s trademark croaking intonations. With them journey Clay Ruby, Andy Way and Kevin Gan Yuen, contributing various instruments and electronics to the brew. As The Blooming World unfolds, complex acoustic figures proceed to illuminate Frithjof Schuon poetry, ravishing neofolk patterns are exploded, sorrowful hymns are sung upon tip-toes, the bounds are...  more

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