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BRACHIAL PALSY Control And Paralysis CD

BRACHIAL PALSY Control And Paralysis CD

Brachial Palsy is an soloproject, whose best riders as early as 1998 to 2003 with the power Electro - Project - La Comunidad attention to itself. The debut of Brachial P. - Control and Paralysis appeared in 2007 on Eternal Soul Records. Who with the ES-sound somewhat familiar, know that it is mostly atmospheric density, partly martial, very often dark sound collages and compositions. So it isn..t hardly surprising that the debut-output of Brachial.P is to be set somewhere between experimental electronics, drones, downtempo and ambient. Brachial P. sounds convincing skilful combination more than just well-known ambient-carpets but rather a mix of various styles into a united. In Control and Paralysis is much more of a meditative character almost achieved what each song, as well as debut a whole noticeably. Between melodic fragments and some speechsamples diving repeatedly minimalist rhythm structures, which partially technoid chilling, partly electronically ritually the complex compositions complement and thus always a certain drive sure the music without the tension and threatening, sometimes almost a little steal ing the psychotic moments. Similarly, there are some noisy elements on the debut, the overall atmosphere in its own way to intensify . Brachial P. goes its own way. J.B. while will not reinvent the wheel, but the project can convince his style perfectly: A wealth of ideas and a good deal of coherent experimentation to make this project what it is.
The theory of Brachial P. is simple and clear: "The sense of humanity lies in the universe" “The universe is full of wonderful things to patiently wait for our senses are sharper.”

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