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STUMPFF Alles Idioten CD
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V/A Cold Meat Industry Live in Australia DVD 10,99 EUR
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V/A Cold Meat Industry Live in Australia DVD

V/A Cold Meat Industry Live in Australia DVD

February 2006 saw Melbourne, Australia play host to 3 of the longest running and most influential acts from Sweden’s cult ambient industrial record label Cold Meat Industry. To seal the deal, collaborative and side projects and some high calibre Australian supports contributed to Australia’s premier Cold Meat Industry Festival, brought to you by Family Friendly and Heartland Records.

Two nights of mayhem, drunkeness and antics. Two evenings of hallucinatory industrial rhythms, beautiful, haunting ambience, monstrous rumbling, clanking steel and dark orchestral scores. Two shows of droning death industrial nightmares, harsh noise and abrasive power electronics topped only by pigtails and balloons. After all; what is a party without balloons?

Not only did Family Friendly have the foresight to bring such long overdue acts to the land of sunburn, marsupials and beer, they also had the foresight to record events as they unfolded. For the artists this means posterity. For you it means you get to either re-live it (if you were fortunate enough to be there) or live it through the eyes and ears of others if you weren’t. You could use it as an expensive drink coaster but we’d suggest that would be silly. It’s too good to get wet.

RAISON D’ÊTRE - Metamorphyses (Phase III) + Evocation
BOCKSHOLM - Elektrik Swastika Lokomotiv (excerpts, first part) + Pressbyrån “78
BRIGHTER DEATH NOW - The Killing Season + In Formalin
SHINJUKU THIEF - Lesion + Burning Heat + Firejar Hell (excerpt) + Infinity + The Darkened Psalm
MANTICLE - The Proper Containment of Offspring + Fun in the Waterbath
BRIGHTER DEATH NOW - Crimescene Nostalgia + I Wish I Was a Little Girl
DEUTSCH NEPAL - Silent Siege + Tintomara/Thiudinassus
ATOMINE ELEKTRINE - In-between Spaces + Deep Sky Twilight
FROZEN FACES - We are the Pigs + in Order to Confuse
ISOMER - Eye of Dawn + Sins of Freedom + Fire Front

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