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BRIGHTER DEATH NOW Necrose Evangelicum CD 16,99 EUR
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BRIGHTER DEATH NOW Necrose Evangelicum CD

BRIGHTER DEATH NOW Necrose Evangelicum CD. Single Copy

Recorded during 1995 – that most creative of years for Brighter Death Now, which also produced the much harsher album Innerwar, as well as the final part of the epic “Great Death” trilogy – Necrose Evangelicum was immediately received as a new milestone in the genre of “sacred-death-industrial.” In fact, the album had the most favorable reception of any BDN record, and has generally been considered the most easily accessible of BDN’s work.

This groundbreaking album is nothing short of a sacred death-machine that relentlessly works itself into the mind with a most obtrusive, and almost dangerous, insistence. This review from 1996 says it all:

“This is music created from a place beyond all imaginable Hells... a place that exists only deep within the macabre mind of its creator, Roger Karmanik. A CD of such impenetrable darkness, as if the entire world had collapsed into itself! Where the inspiration has been drawn from for these recordings can only be speculated, but suffice it to say, it's not a place one would like to spend eternity! Tormented voices announce the birth of some unspeakable horror, while heavily metallic, grinding electronics shudder like the last gasps of a dying machine. Together, they form a vision so bleak and ghastly it purges both the mind and soul of everything but the most impure of thoughts. Leave all notions of decency at the entranceway, for they are not wanted nor needed here. Only in the final title track, featuring the despondent orchestrations of Mortiis, will you find solace, but even that is a harbour deemed unsafe.”

And yet, as a Brighter Death Now record, we still insist that it is “easy listening”…

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